Operation Z

Operation Z is a comprehensive 12-part series and the ULTIMATE guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Operation Z Volume 1: Introduction to Handguns provides instruction on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, no matter your experience level. This project is unique and unlike anything that has been released before, due in part to our military background. The series is complex, realistic and informative, providing a unique blend of fiction and real life training instruction, taught by one of the most sought-after firearms instructors in the world. Volumes 1 follows Chris Costa, who is now a survivor of the Los Angeles Outbreak, as he goes to train a group of everyday citizens, teaching them the skills he learned to survive the zombie hordes and ruthless gangs. Available on Amazon.

Zombie Chickens Goin’ In Yer Bellay!

I’ve been been doing this Zombie schtick for a few years now and things like this, that I read everyday, still make me say “WTF?”. So here you go add one more… Is farming brain-dead chickens morally ethical? Dude finds a way to brain-kill chickens, tuning them into zombies and keep them growing. Then they’re going to feed you these. One more reason that I DO NOT EAT POULTRY! ZOMBIE CHICKENS!

Architecture Student André Ford is proposing raising chickens for meat in vertical racks after severing their frontal cortexes, rendering them effectively brain-dead. It would be much, much more efficient, there’s no doubt about that, but would it be any more ethical than current factory farms? The images of the conceptual chicken racks are fairly disturbing- the chickens are suspended, completely immobile, with their feet removed. Tubes feed water and nutrients directly into the them while other tubes carry away waste. The chickens themselves, though, aren’t suffering at all, since their brains have been surgically cut in half, rendering them permanently unconscious. Basically, what you’re looking at aren’t animals anymore: they’re just pieces of meat that are being grown for consumption.

Zombies Out… Genies are the new scourge of the apocalypse!

I’ve been gone for a few days due to some personal stuff and when I come back (I’m not completely back yet) look at the first thing I look at when I open my email which has for some reason been sent 18 times from different people…

A Saudi defense lawyer has asked court to summon a GENIE claimed to have possessed a judge who has been arrested on corruption charges, the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz reported on Saturday. Forget the Zombie Apocalypse… Bring on the Genie Apocalypse! I take a lot of flack from people saying that there is no such thing nor will there EVER be such a thing as a “zombie”. Well I say if there can be Genies… then there most certainly be ZOMBIES!

The case of the corrupt judge in Madina has taken a new turn and witnessed new developments as the lawyer of an absent defendant has asked court to summon the Genie to testify, the paper said.

If what the accused judge said about the jinn, then this jinn could be bad and blasphemous…this jinn could have been sent by a bad sorcerer because witchcraft is bad and non-Islamic.

In a report on the case early this week, Okaz said the accused judge told court he was under a magic spell a Genie when he was involved in such practices.

The Don’t Get Bit Trifold Brochure On Zombie Awareness! Download it Today!

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Our sole purpose here at Don’t Get Bit is to educate the masses about not only the INEVITABLE zombie apocalypse but how to SURVIVE said Zombie Apocalypse. What better way to reach out to the non-zombie aware people out there than to create a beautiful trifold brochure! This is just the first draft and I am counting on all of you to help make this the most epic trifold brochure ever. So feel free to download the FREE PDF and check it out. Make sure to leave some comments if I misspelled anything or any tweeks that you may think it needs. Please forward it on to anyone that you think might need some help in getting prepared for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! I am going to print about 10,000 of these so let’s make sure it’s right!

Click here to download the PDF!

You’ve Got Dead On You Podcast Featuring Jason From Don’t Get Bit!

So a few weeks back Don’t Get Bit was insulted on-air by the dorks on the You’ve Got Dead On You podcast by saying, “Don’t Get Bit is stupid”. I demanded an apology and when I didn’t get one I decided I’d just go up to Canada and get one in person. While they were taping the newest episode I broke into their compound and I was assaulted by some paid goon named “Knuckles” and left with a nasty black eye and no apology. This isn’t over Jay and Craig… not… even… close… Click the link above to listen, my assault was recorded at the end of the podcast.

Here’s is their website: http://deadonyou.blogspot.com/ and their Facebook page is at the link above. A dramatic simulation of my black eye is below the fold… Continue reading

Don’t Get Bit’s 2011 Top Ten Most Viewed Website Posts!

Well another year has come and gone. 2011 will soon be a distant memory and in just a few days it will be on to 2012… and the end of everything on this planet as we know it. But in the meantime here are the top 10 posts on Don’t Get Bit for 2011! As a special gift to all the ladies who liked Don’t Get Bit this year, this is the most viewed picture on our Facebook page… oddly enough it’s me! Thank you to everyone who made this Don’t Get Bit’s best year EVAH! Hopefully next year will be even better and we will get even more epic in our attempt to teach you that YOU CAN SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

10. This Is How It Starts: Man Accused of Eating Raw Meat at Walmart.
9. This Is How It Starts: Girl Found Eating Herself In Cage In Mobile Home.
8. Zombies… Meet the Mossberg 500!
7. Weapon Pron: Kel-Tec’s New Shotgun… The KSG!
6. DIY Zombie Apocalypse Armor: Can Tabs Chain Mail.
5. Toshiba Zombie Commercial. (Also the most commented on)
4. This Is How It Starts: Woman Thought Dead Found Breathing and Moving!
3. Zombie Survival Kit. (Technically this is a page and not a post.)
2. Apocalypse Fears Spur Bunker Sales.
1. Self-Aiming Sniper Rifles… Sexy!

Moments of the Apocalypse #4: Here Come the Kiddos!

Moments of the Apocalypse #4: Here Come the Kiddos!

This will be an ongoing series put together to show “Moments of the Apocalypse”. Seconds of life and death that you would see when the ZA finally comes and will be illustrated and/or Photoshopped by myself, who is an artist professionally. You may find these disturbing so please be advised ahead of time.

Here is Moments of the Apocalypse #4: “Here Come the Kiddos”… Click the image to get a hi-res version but don’t be stealing our shit. There’s just a nice Copyright notice on there. Just leave it there to help our Survival Team get the word out that in order to be a Survivor and NOT a Zombie Snack… Don’t… Get… Bit!

This is how it starts: Man digs hole for pool in yard, finds cemetery.

(Video Added) All of us at Don’t Get Bit spend our time on the blog trying to both keep you prepared and informed about the Zombie Apocalypse. Once again we bring to you… “This is How It Starts: Man digs hole for pool in yard, finds cemetery.”

When a man decided to dig a plot in his New Orleans backyard for a swimming pool, he ended up discovering a historic cemetery that dates back to the 1700s.

It’s not the first time bodies have been discovered underground in the area – in 1984, 36 corpses were found when an apartment complex was being built.

Man Who Killed Someone He Thought Was a Zombie Commited Indefinitely.

A while ago I posted a story about this guy who went crazy and thought another guy was a zombie so he stabbed him to death has been sent to the State Hospital at Carstairs indefinitely.

Tianhui Zhan, 19, attacked 21-year-old Michael Davis in Glasgow’s West Campbell Street in October last year. The trial heard that on 13 October last year Mr Davis was talking on his mobile phone in West Campbell Street as he moved from one cleaning job to another. Continue reading