The Navy’s New PSA… Don’t Do Bath Salts!


VIDEO IS BELOW THE FOLD… In a bid to warn against the dangers of ‘bath salts’, the U.S. Navy has launched a bizarre PSA featuring a sailor who suffers violent hallucinations in which his girlfriend and roommate turn into demons and he is eventually sectioned.

The shocking new public service announcement, entitled ‘Bath salts: It’s not a fad… it’s a nightmare’, starts with the viewer in the shoes of a young sailor who snorts bath salts he has received in the mail.

A short time later he vomits before he meets his girlfriend at a bowling alley. At this stage the hallucinations kick in and the sailor is first freaked out by bowling lanes, before his girlfriend suddenly appears demonic and he hits her before running away.

When the sailor returns to his apartment his roommate asks him if he is alright, but in the mind of the drugged sailor he turns into a demon.

The next time we see the sailor he is restrained and is being carried into hospital. The sailor then groans in agony as medical professionals attempt to treat him and he is eventually sedated.

The video also features Lt. George Loeffler, a Psychiatry Resident at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, who describes the dangers of using the drugs. ‘When people are using bath salts, they’re not their normal selves,’ he says.

‘They’re angrier. They’re erratic. They’re violent and they’re unpredictable…. People will start seeing things that aren’t there, believing things that aren’t true.’

According to Loeffler the most disturbing thing about using ‘bath salts’ is that the paranoia can last days or even weeks after the drugs have left the user’s system.
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