21 DIY Emergency Prep Hacks

Over at Buzzfeed they have a post up called “21 DIY Emergency Preparedness Hacks”. It’s pretty good. My favorite is the Everlasting Crisco Candle which I have 2 of in my Emergency Supplies Kit. Head over and check them all out.

Here are some of the better ones but be sure to head over and see them all with links to videos and images so you can BE PREPARED!

1. Strap a headlamp onto a water jug to make a light.
2. Make a candle out of Crisco.
3. Pack an emergency preparedness kit for your pet.
4. Store matches in a mason jar with a strikable lid.

Below are the directions for the Crisco Candle from The Great Northern Prepper.

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Operation Z

Operation Z is a comprehensive 12-part series and the ULTIMATE guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Operation Z Volume 1: Introduction to Handguns provides instruction on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, no matter your experience level. This project is unique and unlike anything that has been released before, due in part to our military background. The series is complex, realistic and informative, providing a unique blend of fiction and real life training instruction, taught by one of the most sought-after firearms instructors in the world. Volumes 1 follows Chris Costa, who is now a survivor of the Los Angeles Outbreak, as he goes to train a group of everyday citizens, teaching them the skills he learned to survive the zombie hordes and ruthless gangs. Available on Amazon.

A Valentine’s Day She Will Never Forget

Bacon Roses

How To Make Bacon Roses

Alright guys, I know V-Day is coming up fast, and you’re probably desperate for some ideas, so Chef is going to fill you in on what to give your Valentine for this special occasion without sacrificing your man card. Follow the simple step-by step directions below to create your very own Z-Poc inspired love letter, and then follow the link attached to the bacon roses picture for instructions on how to make these delicious looking treats.

Zombie Apocalypse Inspired Love Letter

You will need:
2 pieces of high quality black colored paper.
1 white or silver colored sharpie or gel marker.
A box of chocolates or her favorite candy

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Part 2 – Making It Edible: A How-To Guide on Food Safety and Awareness in the Zombie Apocalypse

Part 2…
This looks like food… can I eat it?

So you’ve come to a fork in the road: you originally planned on collecting food and supplies as you went, but now you realize you must prepare sustainable food sources for you and your team. What do you do in the meantime, while you are collecting the seeds, animals, and feed for your new little hobby farm, or while you are waiting for your crops and animals to mature? You must still scavenge, so now the secondary goal becomes to scavenge as effectively as possible. Continue reading

How To: Can Your Own Tactical Bacon

Making your very own tactical bacon

Delicious strips of bacon are canned to preserve them for years so you can still enjoy bacon well into the zombie apocalypse.


I’ve mentioned Tac-Bac and the delicious reasons to invest in a 10 year, shelf stable, protein-rich food, so now I bring you: How to can your very own tactical bacon! Ready in three minutes or less, this skillet-ready bacon is the solution for those who need to be at the ready in the blink of an eye but don’t want to sacrifice the delicacies of pre-apocalyptic America. Enjoy!
~ Chef

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Skill: Rabbit Skinning and Cooking

When it comes to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse eating will be a priority. Since most of us live in cities and suburbs we have become lazy in regards to maintaining our survival skills when it comes to food because we can just jump in our car and head down to McDonald’s or your local grocery store and get what you need. But when the ZA happens there won’t be any more White Castles so catching, preparing and cooking your own food is going to be paramount if your and your Survival Team are going to keep yourselves from starving to death. Today we are going to look at one source of protein… Rabbit. There is a video by Mark Gilchrist of Game For Everything, demonstrating how to prepare a rabbit, including gutting, skinning, boiling whole and picking off the meat to use in a variety of recipes. below the fold.

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Video: How to Sharpen a Knife

In the Zombie Apocalypse you will need sharp weapons which would include a knife, a sword and a shovel if you want to survive. The guys over at AZBushcraft have another great video on how to sharpen them up so you get a good clean zombie decapitation everytime. Good hunting Zombie Survivors and remember Don’t Get Bit! Written directions are below the fold and comes to us via TheArtOfManliness.com.

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Video: How to use an AXE!

One of our favorite weapons in the Zombie Apocalypse is an axe. They have no working parts, are easily carried and simply need sharpening to make them deadly, or re-deadly in the case of those damn brain eating zombies. Here’s a great instructional video by the guys over at AZBushcraft. Head on over and check out their other videos including, knife handling, straight razor shaving and camping in comfort. Video is below the fold.

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