Zombie Go Boom Video: The Double Headed Axe Test!

New from the Boomers over at ZGB, The Double Headed Axe Test! Follow them on youtube.com by subscribing to their channel. You can also find them on facebook: Zombie Go Boom. Plus, keep up to date for their next video featuring the controversial katana.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapons: 4-in-1 Shovel, Sledge Hammer, Axe, Pick-Axe Combo!

In the Zombie Apocalypse having the right weapon could be the difference between you and your loved ones/survival teams life or death. Today we will be discussing the Pick-Axe. Here at Don’t Get Bit we want to make sure that all of your basics are covered when it comes to on-hand weaponry. A weapon needed to de-animate a brain sucking zombie must be able to either decapitate the head or destroy the brain it holds inside. It is a well known fact that destroying the brain of a zombie by puncturing it with a foreign object or by removing the head from the spine completely de-animates a zombie rendering it safe for disposal. In today’s “Zombie Apocalypse Weapon” discussion we will be looking at the Pick-Axe.

According to Wikipedia (the world-wide source for everything truthful in regards to facts) The pick-axe, sometimes simply known as a pick, is a hand tool with a hard head attached perpendicular to the handle. Some people make the distinction that a pickaxe has a head with a pointed end and a flat end, and a pick has both ends pointed, or only one end; but most people use the words to mean the same thing.

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Video: How to use an AXE!

One of our favorite weapons in the Zombie Apocalypse is an axe. They have no working parts, are easily carried and simply need sharpening to make them deadly, or re-deadly in the case of those damn brain eating zombies. Here’s a great instructional video by the guys over at AZBushcraft. Head on over and check out their other videos including, knife handling, straight razor shaving and camping in comfort. Video is below the fold.

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