On this page you will find any number of things that you can download to make your Survival of the Zombie Apocalypse easier and more convenient.

Need to brighten up your desktop or phone? Try these wallpapers on for size! This will be an ongoing series put together to show “Moments of the Apocalypse”. Seconds of life and death that you would see when the ZA finally comes and will be illustrated and/or Photoshopped by myself, who is an artist professionally. You may find these disturbing so please be advised ahead of time. Click the image to get a hi-res version but don’t be stealing our shit. There’s just a nice little logo and our web address. Just leave it on there to help our Survival Team get the word out that in order to be a Survivor and NOT a Zombie Snack… Don’t… Get… Bit! If you want other sizes just drop me an email and I’ll send one to you. If you have questions or comments please feel free to get a hold of us in the comments or send an email to!

Run Run Run 1024x768

Run Run Run 1024×768

Running Scared 1024x768

Running Scared 1024×768

Zombie Hunting Permits

Click the image to download a hi-res PDF

Click the image to download a hi-res PDF

Click the image to download a hi-res PDF

Like shooting stuff? Like shooting at targets? Wish you had Zombie Targets to shoot at? Well if you answered yes to all of those questions then here are 4 Zombie Targets. Click each image to download a PDF of it. Each is vector-art and can be re-sized in Illustrator and printed to any size you want… if you have a big enough printer available you can go life-sized! Or if you can just “print to fit page” on any printer. Then fire away! If anyone knows the original artist for these please let me know. Please enjoy these printable zombie targets but use gun safety rules and remember… Don’t get bit!

Our sole purpose here at Don’t Get Bit is to educate the masses about not only the INEVITABLEzombie apocalypse but how to SURVIVE said Zombie Apocalypse. What better way to reach out to the non-zombie aware people out there than to create a beautiful trifold brochure! This is just the first draft and I am counting on all of you to help make this the most epic trifold brochure ever. So feel free to download the FREE PDF and check it out. Make sure to leave some comments if I misspelled anything or any tweeks that you may think it needs. Please forward it on to anyone that you think might need some help in getting prepared for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! I am going to print about 10,000 of these so let’s make sure it’s right!

Click here to download the PDF!

47 comments on “Downloads

  1. I have extensive years of martial arts training. im good with hand weapons, and im alright with guns.
    i have alot of energy and can get ready as soon as needed. but i dont know how to apply or what i will be good at.

    • but im a us army ranger and my rank is sargent major and all i need is my cigarettes, my m249 saw, my barret m107 , my glock and m9 and a shit ton of ammo and food and im the best of the best im also an ex marine and navy seal so yeah those zombies dont got a chance aganist me

      • With all due respect there Sgtmaj., that kinda stung…because as every Marine is taught “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” Now seeing as how I don’t know you from adam I will render due courtesy. However, I do believe you meant to type “Former active duty Marine” instead. Happy Hunting, see you on the firing line.

  2. Pingback: Dianas zombies at The Zombie Survival Society

      • Yes, this is my site. Why are you spamming this page? You know… I can see that both of your IP addresses are the same. Meaning you are the same person. Make some valid comments and I won’t keep deleting them. If you keep spamming I am going to have to ban your IP address. There are kids who read this site and language like you have been using will not be tolerated.

  3. Thank you for an interesting funny site and the printable zombie targets my kids and the people that use my plinking range love them

  4. We are ready for the Zombies, have been for years. Just ordered 2 more cases of 1180 each Czech surplus 7.62 X 39, dirt cheap at $250.00 per. Drop by my webpage for a glimpse of some of the firearms. The top SKS picture is only one of three we have. The M14 sniper is for long distance, we will move to the other firearms when it gets down to street by street fighting.
    Long live humans

  5. Love your website. Id love for you to inform macheteblood that his tactics are poor, macheteblood dot weebley dot con is telling people to hide out in the coldest weather possible. Just want to inform others of the dangers. Thanks.

  6. I just found this website and it’s awesome! I am hosting a summer library night called “Library of the Living Dead” and I”m going to issue a zombie hunting permit to all the kids who attend!!

    • That’s great. Sorry I missed this comment. I haven’t been in here in a while. If you’d like a custom one just for your little readers let me know and I’ll make one for you free of charge. I’m an avid reader and I don’t see much as far as kids reading anymore. Anything to help.

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