The Navy’s New PSA… Don’t Do Bath Salts!


VIDEO IS BELOW THE FOLD… In a bid to warn against the dangers of ‘bath salts’, the U.S. Navy has launched a bizarre PSA featuring a sailor who suffers violent hallucinations in which his girlfriend and roommate turn into demons and he is eventually sectioned.

The shocking new public service announcement, entitled ‘Bath salts: It’s not a fad… it’s a nightmare’, starts with the viewer in the shoes of a young sailor who snorts bath salts he has received in the mail.

A short time later he vomits before he meets his girlfriend at a bowling alley. At this stage the hallucinations kick in and the sailor is first freaked out by bowling lanes, before his girlfriend suddenly appears demonic and he hits her before running away.

When the sailor returns to his apartment his roommate asks him if he is alright, but in the mind of the drugged sailor he turns into a demon.

The next time we see the sailor he is restrained and is being carried into hospital. The sailor then groans in agony as medical professionals attempt to treat him and he is eventually sedated.

The video also features Lt. George Loeffler, a Psychiatry Resident at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, who describes the dangers of using the drugs. ‘When people are using bath salts, they’re not their normal selves,’ he says.

‘They’re angrier. They’re erratic. They’re violent and they’re unpredictable…. People will start seeing things that aren’t there, believing things that aren’t true.’

According to Loeffler the most disturbing thing about using ‘bath salts’ is that the paranoia can last days or even weeks after the drugs have left the user’s system.
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Operation Z

Operation Z is a comprehensive 12-part series and the ULTIMATE guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Operation Z Volume 1: Introduction to Handguns provides instruction on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, no matter your experience level. This project is unique and unlike anything that has been released before, due in part to our military background. The series is complex, realistic and informative, providing a unique blend of fiction and real life training instruction, taught by one of the most sought-after firearms instructors in the world. Volumes 1 follows Chris Costa, who is now a survivor of the Los Angeles Outbreak, as he goes to train a group of everyday citizens, teaching them the skills he learned to survive the zombie hordes and ruthless gangs. Available on Amazon.

ZOMBIE KIDS… The worst of the un-dead.

Agnes Apio has to tie up her son Francis before she can leave the house. In his state, he is a danger to himself. Where once he walked and talked like a normal child, now he is only able to drag himself along in the dirt. Francis is suffering from “Nodding Disease,” a brain disorder that, according to CNN, afflicts at least 3,000 children in northern Uganda, leaving them physically stunted and severely mentally disabled.

“I feel dark in my heart,” Apio says as waves flies away from her son’s face and mops up his urine after a seizure, “This boy has become nothing.”

“Reportedly the children gnaw at their fabric restraints, like a rabid animals,” says The Daily Tech.  The article calls them “zombie children,” having “no cure” and “no future.”

First the victims become restless, can’t concentrate. They say they have trouble thinking. Then comes the nodding, an uncontrollable dipping of the head that presages the disease’s debilitating epilepsy-like seizures. It is this nodding motion that gives the illness its name.

Nodding Disease first attacks the nervous system, then the brain. As the epilepsy-like seizures progress and worsen, the children become less and less like themselves, and more and more distant and blank. Eventually the brain stops developing and the victims’ bodies stop growing. So far, no patients have recovered.

This is how it starts: Man digs hole for pool in yard, finds cemetery.

(Video Added) All of us at Don’t Get Bit spend our time on the blog trying to both keep you prepared and informed about the Zombie Apocalypse. Once again we bring to you… “This is How It Starts: Man digs hole for pool in yard, finds cemetery.”

When a man decided to dig a plot in his New Orleans backyard for a swimming pool, he ended up discovering a historic cemetery that dates back to the 1700s.

It’s not the first time bodies have been discovered underground in the area – in 1984, 36 corpses were found when an apartment complex was being built.

Zombie Apocalypse Weaponry: The Navy Railgun… Overkill Edition.

(Video Below The Fold) The U.S. Navy has hit a major milestone with the 1,000th firing of its electromagnetic railgun. Commanders said the milestone means that the incredible state of the art weapon has moved closer to actual deployment on warships.

The railgun is not like other weapons of warfare. Instead of relying on explosions to fire a projectile, it uses an electromagnetic current to shoot a non-explosive bullet at several times the speed of sound.

The railgun developed by the Navy launches and accelerates hundreds of conductive projectiles along pairs of metal rails using the effects of a strong magnetic field. It can accelerate a seven pound projectile to a speed of 5,600 miles.

Navy officials said that the range of a railgun is up to 20 times greater than that of conventional weapon systems. A projectile could reach a target 290 miles away in less than six minutes and impact it with incredible force.

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NSFW Music video featuring zombies, hula dancers, a vagina monster and a dancing dwarf?

Yeah you read that right. Video sent to me by someone calling themselves DJ Ducka.

It’s an experimental track I made, mixing flesh eating and hip hop. I’m a hip hop producer from the UK. My bid for you to post this is: how many hip hop tracks have you ever heard that are zombie related? Also it’s very popular with the general public.

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Weapon Pron: M134 Minigun Video

This is the GE M134 Minigun… What else can I say other than watch the video above. The weapon is made by Dillon Aero. 6,000 rounds per minute… What else would you need for a weapon in the Zombie Apocalypse than this? Got $215,000.00 burning a hole in your pocket? Here’s one for sale!

GE M134 Operation:
Six Bolt Rotating Unit; Electrically Operated; Belt Fed
Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO
Feed System: 4,000 round linked belt
Muzzle Velocity: 2,850ft/sec (869m/sec)
Cyclic Rate-of-Fire: 6,000 rds/min
Effective Range: 3,280ft (1,000m; 1,093yds)
Sights: Fixed Sights

GE M134 Dimensions:
Overall Length:
800mm (31.50in)
Barrel Length: 555mm (21.85in)
Empty Weight: 15.9kg (35.05lbs)

Zombie Go Boom Video: The Double Headed Axe Test!

New from the Boomers over at ZGB, The Double Headed Axe Test! Follow them on by subscribing to their channel. You can also find them on facebook: Zombie Go Boom. Plus, keep up to date for their next video featuring the controversial katana.

Zombie Go Boom Video: The .22 caliber test!

Here is the newest video from the guys and gals over Zombie Go Boom, The .22 caliber test!… The .22 caliber round, one of the most controversial zombie killing bullets. So did it work?

“Zombie Go Boom is a reality show that puts zombie theories to the test. It’s one part Deadliest Warrior, one part Mythbusters, all with a zombie twist. Using real life settings we put the weapons, everyday objects and theories to the test, and you won’t believe the stunning results”.

We love the video and can’t wait for more. Here’s their YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter. Head over and show them the Zombie Love!