Zombie Go Boom Video: The Double Headed Axe Test!

New from the Boomers over at ZGB, The Double Headed Axe Test! Follow them on youtube.com by subscribing to their channel. You can also find them on facebook: Zombie Go Boom. Plus, keep up to date for their next video featuring the controversial katana.

What Would You Taste Like To A Cannibal/Zombie?

I wonder what my sexy human meat tastes like should for some reason the Zeds actually get me? Not that I’d actually try my own meat, I just want to know for scientific purposes. I wish there was a test of some kind that I could take that would tell me… Oh wait… Over at Recipestar there is one!

According to the short test… I would most likely taste like mesquite beef! Wanna actually taste my man meat? Here’s a delicious recipe for Mesquite Beef Brisket that I’ve made several times and may I say… I tasted delicious!

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