21 DIY Emergency Prep Hacks

Over at Buzzfeed they have a post up called “21 DIY Emergency Preparedness Hacks”. It’s pretty good. My favorite is the Everlasting Crisco Candle which I have 2 of in my Emergency Supplies Kit. Head over and check them all out.

Here are some of the better ones but be sure to head over and see them all with links to videos and images so you can BE PREPARED!

1. Strap a headlamp onto a water jug to make a light.
2. Make a candle out of Crisco.
3. Pack an emergency preparedness kit for your pet.
4. Store matches in a mason jar with a strikable lid.

Below are the directions for the Crisco Candle from The Great Northern Prepper.

1 Can Crisco
1-3 Wicks (need to be longer than height of can, cut to match)

1) Open a can of Crisco. The bigger the can, the better.
2) Insert the candle wick into the center of the can of Crisco. If the can has a large diameter, multiple wicks can be inserted. Leave a quarter of an inch of wick showing above the Crisco to make sure the flame is a manageable size.
3) Even out the top of the Crisco so the candle is smooth.
4) Light the wick and enjoy the candle.

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