Don’t Get Bit’s 2011 Top Ten Most Viewed Website Posts!

Well another year has come and gone. 2011 will soon be a distant memory and in just a few days it will be on to 2012… and the end of everything on this planet as we know it. But in the meantime here are the top 10 posts on Don’t Get Bit for 2011! As a special gift to all the ladies who liked Don’t Get Bit this year, this is the most viewed picture on our Facebook page… oddly enough it’s me! Thank you to everyone who made this Don’t Get Bit’s best year EVAH! Hopefully next year will be even better and we will get even more epic in our attempt to teach you that YOU CAN SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

10. This Is How It Starts: Man Accused of Eating Raw Meat at Walmart.
9. This Is How It Starts: Girl Found Eating Herself In Cage In Mobile Home.
8. Zombies… Meet the Mossberg 500!
7. Weapon Pron: Kel-Tec’s New Shotgun… The KSG!
6. DIY Zombie Apocalypse Armor: Can Tabs Chain Mail.
5. Toshiba Zombie Commercial. (Also the most commented on)
4. This Is How It Starts: Woman Thought Dead Found Breathing and Moving!
3. Zombie Survival Kit. (Technically this is a page and not a post.)
2. Apocalypse Fears Spur Bunker Sales.
1. Self-Aiming Sniper Rifles… Sexy!

One comment on “Don’t Get Bit’s 2011 Top Ten Most Viewed Website Posts!

  1. Prophecies aside, how does 2012 relate to a zombie apocalypse? Certainly our world could be forever changed on this date by an unnoticed eschatological asteroid, disease or terrible quaking of the earth. The walking dead? Also plausible. Current scientific research into disease, reanimation and cellular re-genesis is progressing as rapidly as other scientific disciplines. Particularly terrifying is the reanimation of the 1918 Spanish influenza virus, responsible for a pandemic that killed an estimated 20 million people. Scientists have gathered important new clues to why the virus spread quickly and killed efficiently (though its use as a bio-weapon has not been confirmed). The viral resurrection is brought about for research and a vaccine against itself – which of course has already been eradicated – and the virus is being harvested from corpses, notably the body of a woman buried in the Alaskan permafrost . Unchecked adaptive and opportunistic pathogens claim a definite component of our eschaton, and an escaped weaponized version will most certainly wreak havoc against an unprepared and innocent populace. There’s no guarantee the new vaccine will work well on humans, a problem because nobody born after 1930 is immune to the 1918 strain.

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