Zombie Apocalypse Training: First Aid

All of us at Don’t Get Bit want you to know how serious we are about Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. So today’s post is all about First Aid. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes there are going to be certain things that knowing will make your chances of survival increase exponentially. First aid is at the top of that list.

Now we don’t think that simply watching and reading this post is going to prepare you for the insanity of needing to apply first aid to your family, friends or Survival Team Members so we can’t stress more that CLASSES ARE SO IMPORTANT! Here is the link to the American Red Cross website that can lead you to the classes near you that you should be taking. But we are hoping that when the time comes you will be able to recall some, if not all, of the information below and you might be able to save someone’s life. So watch the videos and click the links and try to soak up as much info as possible.
How to Choose a First-Aid Kit

Whether you’re day hiking or trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, always equip yourself with a first-aid kit. Minor scrapes, cuts, a bee sting or a headache can happen anywhere, anytime. It pays to be prepared.

Pre-Assembled First-Aid Kits
Most ZA Survivors select pre-assembled first-aid kits as a matter of convenience rather than building their own. It’s an easy way to make sure you have not forgotten any of the basics. Here is the link to my first aid kit from REI. Great kit, love it and have used it several times.

Most kits are packed compact, water-resistant pouches that can be refilled and reused.

First-Aid Basics
Whether you’re choosing a pre-assembled kit or building your own, make sure you carry the supplies that match your plans. Think about:

  •     the number of people in your Survival Team
  •     The ZA duration
  •     the strenuousness and potential dangers inherent in your area
  •     the distance you must travel to reach medical assistance

The Essentials
Every first-aid kit should include:

  • A manual: a comprehensive, easy-to-follow first-aid instruction booklet that clearly explains how to handle basic problems
  • Basic bandages: assorted adhesive bandages, athletic tape and moleskin
  • Basic drugs/lotions: aspirin, antiseptic, antacid tablets, sunscreen and any prescription medicines
  • Basic first-aid tools: tweezers, a small mirror, razor blade or knife
  • Miscellaneous items: bee-sting kit, venom-extraction pump (if visiting rattlesnake territory), handy wipes, plastic gloves and eye pads

The Extras
For long trips and difficult routes, you may wish to include a larger selection of items such as:

  • Additional bandages: gauze pads, ace bandages and butterfly bandages
  • Additional drugs/lotions: burn ointment and Caladryl (for relief of skin irritations)
  • Additional first-aid tools: sling, basic splint, forceps, instant ice pack and thermometer

Know Basic First Aid
A fully stocked first-aid kit is useless unless you know how to use the supplies inside. Make sure you know basic wilderness first aid before you leave home. Check with your local community center or hospital and sign up for a first-aid class. If you want to take a class (AND YOU NEED TO TAKE A CLASS) then refer to the Red Cross link at the top of the post. In the mean-time here are some really great videos that you might need to save a life.

This video explains the changes in the new 2010 Guidelines for CPR. They’re making CPR even easier so more people will perform it and more lives will be saved. For more information visit www.heart.org/cpr.

John Klatt (former US Navy Medic as well as a former US Navy rescue diver) provides information on triage techniques, safety, accessing and treating a wide variety of gunshot wounds.

This video is a demonstration of basic good suture technique and habits. This is an instructional video to teach emergency medical care of basic suture technique when performing suturing of lacerations.

We cant stress more that simply WATCHING those videos aren’t going to save your life or your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team Members. YOU NEED TO GO TAKE A CLASS OR TWO ON FIRST AID! Don’t be a douchbag, be prepared.

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