Zombie Apocalypse Gear: Tactical Baby Stroller

You’ve got to protect your kids from all harm, especially in the Zombie Apocalypse. Teach your kid to shoot and you can push! But that’s not why this stroller has a rifle and a shotgun attached. Competitive practical shooters, particularly those in 3-gun competitions (rifle, shotgun, and handgun) have to transport a lot of gear around. Some have found that it’s easier if they modify jogging strollers to carry their equipment. You can see more examples at the link.

One comment on “Zombie Apocalypse Gear: Tactical Baby Stroller

  1. The first power-folding stroller out there, the Origami collapses with a push of a button — it reminded us of a Transformer. A sensor tracks when baby’s in the seat, so you don’t have to worry about the stroller folding unexpectedly, and it has lights on the bottom for when you’re out at night. The LCD screen tells you how fast you’re pushing the stroller, how far you’ve walked and the temperature. –

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