Hello Ms. Wikoff-Kline Students!

Hello Children! I understand that today you will be going through my website. Have fun, think about what’s here and make sure that what you learn today helps get you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. I often get asked what the best advice is for a Zombie Apocalypse and I always say the same thing… DON’T… GET… BIT! But I always try to teach my son who’s 12, and works here on the website, that knowledge is power and with power comes great responsibility… that responsibility? Educate those around you that even THEY can survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

2 comments on “Hello Ms. Wikoff-Kline Students!

  1. Dear Big Cheese,
    We find your site to be very educational. While we understand that some people may not believe in zombies, your website has convinced us with your extensive knowledge that zombies are, in fact, a real danger to our society. Your survival kit suggestions from the homeland security website has made your site even more credible.
    We are sad to report that we feel one of our own classmates may have already been infected with “the bug”. We have decided, in all fairness to everyone, to rid ourselves of this problem. The problem is now deciding who gets to “off” him. So many volunteers up for the challenge…
    We also have several kids who are afraid they were infected by the spicy burrito as well. This has made for an interesting conversation.

    Ms. Kline’s Kids

    RIP- annoying kid in the third row. you will not be missed.

  2. Well I can’t tell you how much of a pleasure it was to have everyone on here today! Zombies are in fact a real danger and I hope some part of the training I offer here will save one of your kids lives or the lives of their parents/friends/family when the ZA happens. Make sure all of your parents listen to you when it’s time to make important decision regarding your zombie free experience!

    In regards to “greasing the squeaky wheel” that seems to have infected the 3rd row.. I would recommend something along the lines of pummeling them with Dodgeballs about the face, neck and chest until the infection subsides. Have a great day everyone and STAY FROSTY!

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