Don’t Get Bit Facebook Gets Milestone “LIKE”.

Jon K… YOU are our 500th “LIKE” on our Facebook page. Come on down! We’ve never been about numbers but all of us here at Don’t Get Bit appreciate the fact that someone finds us readable at all. So Jon Kratz, we are making you an Official Honorary DGB Survival Team Member Laminated Membership Card aaaaaaaand sending you a Zombie Classics DVD Boxset! Just email us an address and we will mail Monday.

Jon K, I get a ton of applications everyday to join the Survival Team. Weapons Specialist, Fighting Specialists, Doctors, Professors… Every possible walk of life emails me to join in on surviving the zombie apocalypse. Today you join the ranks of the Ultimate Survival Team. As an honorary member you get a Laminated Membership Card granting you access to the Don’t Get Bit Safehouse and all of it’s epicness should the Zombie Apocalypse happen. You also receive our undying appreciation for someone smart enough to know were to go  for all things Zombie. Here is our only other Honorary Team member Dragon Twister.

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