Officers Ready For Z-Day: Bringing the Street to the Range with Sgt Bill Campbell

Police and ZombiesWhen former Marine Military Policeman Sergeant Bill Campbell was told he had to create a training scenario for new officers that included limited ammunition, use of police car door cover, and a one hour time frame, there was only one thing to do: bring in the zombies. Here’s the scenario he created for the trainees, using zombie targets from LE Targets:

“When the lights go out, you will be attacked by a group of four Zombies. Using the car doors for cover, draw and engage the Zombies with a couple of rounds as they show themselves. Whenever a light is shining on the Zombie, he is considered a threat to you and will remain so until the light shining on the Zombie goes out. Occasionally, you will see a Zombie attacking an innocent person. In this case you must hit the Zombie but avoid hitting the innocent person. Reload when you can or must — using teamwork to avoid reloading at the same time. At some point, the Zombies will retreat. That is your cue to move tactically to the ground cover and be prepared to use a kneeling position to continue the drill from behind the ground cover. When the Zombies reappear, continue to fight them from behind the ground cover as you had from behind the car doors, fighting until there are no further Zombie threats.”

Pretty badass, huh? Read more of Sgt. Campbell’s training notes for instructors here, at Remember, tactical planning and preparation can save your life on Z-Day; take it from the pros like Campbell and start your training now!

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