Raincatch: Raincoat Purifies Rain Into Drinking Water

At Don’t Get Bit we are all about survival. In the Zombie Apocalypse you are going to need supplies and water is the most important. Well if you live in a rainy climate we have the perfect addition to your safehouse, the Raincatch.

It could be a hiker’s dream. Go for a walk while it’s raining and the raincoat’s hood collects the rainwater. The collar of the coat collects rain, which is then filtered down the back of the coat where it would be passed through charcoal filters and then purified using a chemical process. The water is then stored around the hips of the coat where the weight can be ergonomically carried by the wearer without strain. The aesthetics of the coat are simple but elegant, showing the water and the internal workings of the coat, but hiding the water storage to maintain a clean form factor.

Video at the link and I will have a link to where it is for sale when I find one.

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