Q&A with Faln Patriot, Leader of Zombie Weapons and Tactics

ZWAT LogoWelcome, once again, to our monthly Q&A special! Next in our line-up of zombie aficionados: Faln Patriot; leader and dispenser of knowledge at Zombie Weapons and Tactics.

Personal Information:

Name (or alibi): Faln Patriot
Age: 22
Location:  Currently Michigan
Marital/Family Status: Soon to be engaged

On Zombie Weapons and Tactics and Your Team:

Q: “Zombie Weapons and Tactics” is a straightforward and no-nonsense name. Do you feel it accurately represents your group focus?

A: Very much, We look at zombies and the weapons and tactics to be used against them from a very logical and methodical way. We take our stuff serious.

Q: How long has Z.W.A.T. been in operation?

A: We  started on May 31st 2011.

Q: You are the leader of Z.W.A.T., but what is your position within your own personal survival team?

A: Probably head marksman/commander.

Q: Does Z.W.A.T. represent zombie survivalists internationally, or is it confined to a specific area?

A: We are currently mostly in the States, but we are trying our hardest to become a global force. We would love to get many members from other countries to join but as of now we only have a hand full.

Q: Do you have a set of rules or creed that your team and its followers must abide by?

A: We have actually set up a Code of Conduct for our team that is very in-depth.

Q: If so, do you feel that these rules could/should apply to other survivor groups?

A: We feel these rules could easily be applied to every group.

Q: Since we can assume that most Hollywood stars will not be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, we can also assume that they would turn very quickly in the event of a spreading infection. Which well-known star would you most look forward to de-animating?

A: I would have to say Rosie O’Donnell, I can’t stand that lady.

Q: How many individuals are there in your group that you consider core members of your survival team, and what are their rolls?

A: We currently have 9 officers that help me run the page as well as a handful of members that post very often.

Q: Describe a typical “Day in the Life” scenario for your team during the zombie apocalypse.

A: Survival will be our main goal. Set up a well fortified compound in a very secluded area. Days would consist of setting up ways to get back to a somewhat normal life while trying to keep in contact with other compounds Z.W.A.T. officers have set up and lead.

Q: Do you or any other core members of Z.W.A.T. participate in zombie-related events/activities, such as zombie walks or skills competitions? If so, what are they?

A: We don’t participate in any only because there are none nearby. I will soon be competing in an IDPA competition but no zombie shoots as of yet.

Q: Does your group follow a chain of command, or is it decision by majority?

(This is taken from our notes section)

Every Z.W.A.T. member is to be classified into one of four areas of expertise, whether it be Sharpshooter, Scout, Medic, or Mechanic.

Sergeant: If they are the leader of a 4+ man firing squad they earn the rank of Sergeant.

Lieutenant: If Z.W.A.T. certifies you as an Elite Z.W.A.T. member you earn the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenants organize the Sergeant’s fire teams and relays missions given to him by his/her Superiors.

Combat Trainer: The combat trainer trains all squads in weapons, tactics, and survival. They share the same rank as a Lieutenant but when training out rank even a captain. Combat Trainers must never leave the safety of the compound on Z-day because their knowledge is too valuable.

Captain: If Z.W.A.T. chooses to make you the head of a Z.W.A.T. chapter you will become a Captain. Captains are able to choose up to 3 Lt.s to command under them.

General: If a Captain conducts himself with the utmost of professionalism he may earn the rank of General and become the leader of a region.

Council Members: help decide the direction and rules of Z.W.A.T.

The Commander:  is the head leader of Z.W.A.T. and on Z-day will lead his troops to victory.

Weapons and Tactics:

Q: Defensive or offensive strategy: what is your focus when it comes to combating the hordes of undead?

A: We think most are gonna have to take an offensive position to get the hell out of Dodge. Then be defensive and set up a secluded compound while still sending out fire teams to gather supplies.

Q: If you had the choice, would you choose to make your stand in an impenetrable fortress with your most trusted teammates, or stay light-footed and on-the-move?

A: I would be happy to make a stand with my officers any day in any situation. They know their stuff. Most have military experience and the rest are like me and have grown up shooting guns their whole life. We in fact recommend setting up fortified compounds near water so you can hunt and farm.

Q: How would you approach a survivor who you suspect has been bitten? Would you give them the opportunity to try and prove that their injury was not zed-related, or would you take preventative measures to protect your team?

A: If we have a compound set up, we actually have a quarantine procedure set up in the notes section on our page. I hope this isn’t too much:

[Begin excerpt]

Z.W.A.T. recommends never traveling alone but if you lose your team or are looking to add others you must read this.

When deciding the size of your group or whether or not to add to you group you need to take a step back and look at things rationally.

1) Do you have enough supplies to be able to support them?

2) How well do you trust them?

3) Are you 100% sure they are not infected?

4) What skills do they bring to your team? (Firearms Expert/Medical Training/Mechanic/Hunter/etc.)

All of these NEED to be taken into consideration.

If you have a safe-house and are willing to add members, you must quarantine them to protect the rest of the house. We recommend committing 2-3 rooms to separate new members, based upon risk level. While they may not have a zombie virus they may be infected with other viruses. The rooms should be very secure and broken down as so:

1) High risk:  This should be the most secure and survivors should be kept in this room for 2-3 days so their condition can be safely studied.

2) Medium Risk:  This room is to make sure they don’t have a virus that has a long incubation time. 4 days should be a good time to make sure.

3) Low Risk: This is where new members should sleep because you may not be able to trust them yet. They should be able to interact with the general populace of your group but at night they should still be locked away to make sure theft and violence is not a problem.

[End excerpt]

Q: Are you a proponent of Bug Out Bags (B.O.B.s)? If so, what would you say are the top 10 items everyone should carry with them in their B.O.B.? If not, what is the main reason you disagree with this tactic?

A: Actually a large fan of a Bug out Bag. Many people talk about putting guns in those but I disagree with that. Same with ammo. You should have your gun with you and ammo in a tac[tical] vest.

Top ten items is a hard one though:

1) High quality knife

2) Water

3) Food

4) Back up clothing

5) Fire starters

6) Toilet paper

7) First aid kit

8) Flash light and batteries

9) Fishing line, pole, hooks and tackle

10) Para cord

Q: What is your primary weapon of choice?

A: AR-15 Carbine. It’s built like an M4 just not full auto or 3 burst. Why: because the short barrel allows me to easily clear building, while the relatively large bullet (compared to handguns) allows me to reach out

3 comments on “Q&A with Faln Patriot, Leader of Zombie Weapons and Tactics

  1. Awesome, Andrew! It’s because we are a vital part of the team structure. Often our roles go unnoticed and the job is thankless, but I have found a happy home here at DGB, where my skills and proficiencies are appreciated, and I am well cared for. I hope someday all chefs can find their own survival team niche, and the barriers between the server and the served can be broken. ^_^

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