Boy Shot with Crossbow for Throwing Rocks at Cars.

Has a Don’t Get Bit reader done the unthinkable? We here at DGB always say be prepared. That means keeping a Bug-Out Bag handy as well as whatever weapons you can legally carry in the place you live. That however doesn’t mean that you can go around shooting your crossbows at kids who are throwing rocks at your SUV. After reading this story I have one piece of advice for the Zombie Apocalypse… don’t aim for the stomach… aim for the head. SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego police say a boy throwing rocks at vehicles was struck in the abdomen by a crossbow bolt fired by a passenger in small sport utility vehicle.

Officer Dino Delimitros says the boy and a friend were throwing rocks in the Linda Vista neighborhood Monday afternoon when a passenger in a black Toyota RAV4 pulled out a crossbow and fired.

The boy was shot in the abdomen and was taken to a hospital. The San Diego Union-Tribune says his injuries are not life-threatening. His name and age weren’t released. Nobody has been arrested.

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