All Terrain Zombie Proof Vehicle (ATZPV)

All Terrain Zombie Proof Vehicle (ATZPV)

Welcome to the Survival Team’s newest toy in our garage. Welcome to… The RG32M! The company that produces these vehicles is BAE Systems and is located in South Africa… But guess what? They have a US dealer!

The versatile RG32M family of armored utility vehicles is capable of fulfilling most roles that require a balance of protection and mobility.

The RG32M fulfills a wide spectrum of command, liaison and scouting roles. In a typical patrol mode, it can transport five crew members with their kit, combat stores and special-purpose equipment. A full armored body variant, which seats up to seven crew, is also available. This includes additional rear protection extended over the rear axle.

Access and egress is through side doors and roof-mounted hatches. Armored windows provide excellent visibility. High levels of tactical mobility are achieved through powerful 135 kW engine, 5-speed automatic transmission and portal axles. Two RG32Ms can be transported in a C-130 aircraft. Crew and vehicle survivability is achieved through applied systems engineering techniques and by utilizing OMC’s unrivaled knowledge base gained from vehicle operations in Africa, Asia, Middle-East and Balkans, in addition to rigorous and systematic field-testing in South Africa, the UK, Sweden and the Middle-East.

I’ve put the PDF that details our new ATZPV here and believe me the details are BEAUTIFUL! We’ll put up some pictures when we finish mounting everything we need to it. We are adding a snowplow, a flame thrower, grappling hooks, a propane tank dispersal hatches as well as some slats for our chainsaws.

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