Zombie Podcast: “Unkillable” by Patrick E. McLean

“Unkillable” by Patrick E. McLean

The story of a young man who is brought back from the dead for revenge. He doesn’t have superpowers. He’s just Unkillable. “Unkillable” by Patrick E. McLean is a gritty and out of the box zombie novel that looks at a young man struck down in the middle of his boring and mundane life. It takes dying to bring him back to life. The Podcast is free and can be found on I-Tunes here or you can go to the author’s website here. I love it so that should say you’d love it. Head over and take a listen today!

“You know those stories that you always hear about other people? The people who are in the right place at the right time?  That toothless goob who wins the lottery. That fat lady with the puffy arms that your Mom knew from work who went to Vegas and actually won on that slot machine with the really big handle. Yeah, this isn’t one of those stories. This is a wrong place, right time story. And what does it matter what happened before the story starts? Why do you care? It’s not like it was good story. ‘Cause if it was, I would be telling you about that part. I was a drone, a goon, a stooge. I was a guy who had to wear a tie and a short sleeve shirt to work.”

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