MRE Special: Three MREs and a Boatload of Calories

We’ve all heard of MREs, and we generally know what they consist of, but if worse comes to worse, would you choose to carry these Meals Ready to Eat with you as a source of energy and nutrition? Here’s the lowdown from Don Martin at crazyguyonabike.comBeef Roast with Vegetables MRE. He gives an unbiased review of these military staples, breaks down an MRE piece by piece so you can see what all is packed into a complete meal, and even provides helpful tips for using the heater pack included with military MREs. Note also that civilian grade MREs are available, but generally have a lower calorie count, don’t always come with a heater pack (you may have to pay extra), and are not necessarily as nutritionally balanced as a military MRE. There is a review of civ grade MREs available at

One other interesting fact that you will not find listed on our facebook page is that you can create a small grade explosive using MRE heaters. This is *not* recommended by the staff here at DGB, but if you want to see a video of it, here’s a bunch of Marines blowing up a canteen using the heat packs. Very cool. Er, I mean, dangerous and not recommended. Obviously. *cough*cough* Another more successful method is to use plastic water bottles that expand and explode more evenly, allowing the contents to distribute in a more complete area of effect. There’s a video of it here.

I will be doing a review of three MREs:

1. Beef Roast with Vegetables

2. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

3. Cajun Rice, Beans, Sausage

According to the AF Airmen who taste tested all 24 military MREs, Cajun Rice, Beans, and Sausage is one of the worst MREs you can get stuck with, and Beef Roast with Vegetables is the absolute best. I’ll let you know how accurate the reviews are once I try these for myself. Stay tuned for the report.
UPDATE ON THE CICADAS: One week and counting until cicada season hits MN. I’ll be harvesting and cooking these little buggers, then preparing them in various ways to create a veritable insect smorgasbord of which I will partake in. Thank you all for your patience as the cicada hoard slowly makes its way to the surface for a hot July emergence. I’ll keep you posted. πŸ™‚

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