Zombie Apocalypse Knowledge: Know your local critters.

Zombie Survival Tip: Know your local critters. Poisonous vermin can ruin your shot at being a Survivor! This Tarantula was crawling just feet from my gorgeous Girlfriend. Now I am it’s Master! This is the Aphonopelma Aranae or Texas Brown Tarantula. Large size and hairiness of tarantulas attracts attention and concern; however, bites of Texas species are generally not serious to humans. When disturbed, tarantulas maneuver to face the threat and will raise up on their hind legs and stretch out their front legs in a threatening posture. When disturbed they also may rapidly brush the top of their abdomen with their hind legs which dislodges urticating hairs from the spider abdomen which irritate the eyes or skin of an attacker.

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