Zombie Literature: If It Still Has a Head, It Isn’t Quite Dead

If It Still Has a Head, It Isn’t Quite Dead is a book of poetry on zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, and other generally scary monster-type creatures written by Harrison Bradlow.

Within the book’s pages you will find the amassed wisdom of zombies, vampires,werewolves, and myriad other monstery sorts. Read the musings of a vampire who yearns for simpler times in The Good Old Days. Be warned by mischievous imps who are up to no good in Lords of Mischief. Feel the frustration of a skeleton who simply can’t get a date in The Horny Skeleton (this one has proven to be a real fan favorite). Follow the incredible journey of a gamer turned zombie hunter in Character Advancement.

Readers will enjoy a diverse variety of both poetic forms and content. Poetry ranges from Shakespearean iambic pentameter to a werewolf  haiku and includes an emo vampire’s spoken word poem along the way. You’ll find couplets, limericks, a ghazal, and other forms as well. As for the subject matter, this book is easily accessible by newcomers to the fantastic while also satisfying the appetites of devoted fanboys and girls.

Immediately following a zombie outbreak, the most important goals will be shelter, food, and water. Weapons and ammunition will be big too. Depending on the type of zombie outbreak, searching for and disseminating a retrovirus/cure could be important. But after those initial existential needs have been tended, you’ll probably have some down time. Don’t neglect entertainment! Staving off cabin fever will be huge. Some fun supernatural poetry and a zombie card game could ultimately save the lives of your whole survival team. You’ll be happy to have this when the outbreak comes.

Harrison Bradlow is an avid zombie aficionado, as well as fan of most things nerdtacular. He is eyeing a late July release for If It Still Has a Head, It Isn’t Quite Dead: The Game!,  a card game version of the book. Right now, and into the foreseeable future, he lives in his favorite city on Earth, Las Vegas. He is activeon Twitter @Harrison314.

4 comments on “Zombie Literature: If It Still Has a Head, It Isn’t Quite Dead

  1. I love it. Thank you for sharing my book here on your amazing site. Hopefully when that dark day comes, there will be more survivors out there due to your efforts!

    • I certainly hope we help. In the least maybe something we share will save someone’s life and together we can Survive the Zombie Apocalypse! Great book and I am going to be looking forward to playing the game!

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