Zombie Go Boom Video: Records

Here is the second video from the guys and gals over Zombie Go Boom, “Records”… Will a Vinyl Record break a zombie’s skull open?

“Zombie Go Boom is a reality show that puts zombie theories to the test. It’s one part Deadliest Warrior, one part Mythbusters, all with a zombie twist. Using real life settings we put the weapons, everyday objects and theories to the test, and you won’t believe the stunning results”.

Here’s their YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter. Head over and show them the Zombie Love!

One comment on “Zombie Go Boom Video: Records

  1. …..Scenario – Author and three others arrive at a Bass Pro Shop at the outset of a zombie boom. Can they survive???..First Id just like to say that if there is ever a zombie outbreak near you – head to a Bass Pro Shop.

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