Don’t Get Bit Zombie Survival Team Open Enrollment: Contributors Wanted!

Update: We have 3 finalists for the Contributor position at Don’t Get Bit. Look for a post from each of them on Sunday night and we are going to let YOU choose the winner. Stay tuned for the posts. The 3 finalists are a Registered Nurse, a Chef and a professional writer.

The winner of the Zombie Smackdown will be announced Wednesday. Good luck to each of them.

Don’t Get Bit is currently seeking Zombie Aware individuals to help contribute to Don’t Get Bit and help make the rest of the world Zombie Aware.


1. Must understand Zombies and Zombie Survival
2. Must have access to the internet 24/7/365
3. Must be able to navigate the layout of WordPress and be able to make adjustments to the Website
4. Must be over the age of 18
5. Must be able to string and intelegent paragraph together
6. Must have a sense of humor
7. Must have the drive to put in work for no pay… yet. Eventually this website WILL make money. But it’s not really about making money.

Candidates must contribute a minimum of 1 post a week that contains images/video, corresponding links and must NOT plagarize. You can post as much as you want on any topic you want as long as it is zombie or zombie survival related. Feel free to drive traffic to any sites you like or any content you like. If you can make money it’s yours.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so take advantage while you can. Open enrollment will last until Sunday June 5, 2011. Applicants will need to provide their qualifications as well as a short discription of who you are as well as links to your work if available. Contributors will be given a spot on the team, a place on the Meet the Team page and can choose any persona they want. Also access to the Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages. Geographic area is not important but someone in or near the Phoenix metro area would be a plus. Creativity is of the utmost importance. To apply post in the comments or better yet send us an email to

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