This Is How It Starts: Woman Totes Around Garbage Can Full of Body Parts

At the beginning of every zombie movie there seems to be some sort of innocuous event that starts the entire Zombie Apocalypse. We here at Don’t Get Bit recognize this and are ever vigilant to bring those stories to you. We have highlighted several of these stories over the years. They can be found here and here and here. This is one of them…

ONTARIO (KTLA) — A woman has been booked on murder charges after bringing a trash can containing the body parts of a deceased man to an area home and pushing it through the surrounding neighborhood Sunday, officials said.

51-year-old Carmen Montenegro was spotted toting a trash can down the street before bringing it to a home located on the 700 block of Holmes near H Street, where she told the residents that a body was inside the trash can and asked the residents, reportedly her relatives, to help her dispose of it.

Ontario police were alerted to the scene by a resident of the home and several witnesses who reported smelling a foul odor coming from the trash can at approximately 3pm Sunday, according to a report released by the San Bernardino Coroner’s Department.

When police arrived onto the scene and confronted Montenegro about a block away from the home on H street, it was confirmed that body parts belonging to a deceased male of unknown age or race was inside the trash can.

One witness told KTLA that when police approached her, Montenegro tried to abandon the trash can in front of his house. He said that when police questioned her about the remains inside the trash can, she said nothing.

According to the homeowner’s daughter, Montenegro is not mentally unstable. (Emphasis mine… Could have fooled me!)

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