Video: The Walking Dead Special Effects

This is a video sent to DGB from Viv Lee showing some of the special effects used on the TV series, “The Walking Dead” on AMC. This is one of Don’t Get Bit’s favorite shows on TV in the last few years. It follows the story of a group of survivors after the Zombie Apocalypse lead by Officer Rick Grimes. It is based on the comic graphic novel “The Walking Dead” from Image Comics. Season 1 can be watched on Netflix. A full plot summary can be found below the fold.

The series The Walking Dead starts off with Rick Grimes, the series’ protagonist, being injured in a gunfight with some men who stole a car. Rick woke up sometime later in a hospital to find that civilization across the entire region has broken down, the area is virtually abandonded, signs of a great military struggle are obvious and dead bodies are everywhere. Eventually, he comes to accept that some of the dead, known as Walkers, return as shambling mindless cannibals. He desperately searches for his wife and son, and after hearing from other survivors that Atlanta, Georgia may have a refugee center for other survivors so Rick heads down there in search of his family, only to find it utterly destroyed and swarming with the walking dead.

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