“Apocalypse Salad” Movie Shoot

Apocalypse Salad Crew

On Saturday I was honored to be able to attend the movie shoot for a zombie apocalypse film entitled “Apocalypse Salad”. A short film directed by Ryan Pierson of Friar’s Lantern Entertainment (At Best Derivative, Of Blood & Gin) that takes the viewers on a whirlwind ride of absolute craziness before dumping them into the…Apocalypse Salad. My job was to bring as many zombies to the location so to those of you who attended… Thank You! I met a ton of great zombie fans and even better zombies. I have to say though that it was very strange to be around that many zombies knowing I couldn’t brain any of them. I also got to meet PJMomma from the incredibly awesome blog The Hostages. You can see a picture of PJ and my lovely face here.

For more information on “Apocalypse Salad” you can go to their Facebook page or to their website. Some photos from the shot are below the fold.

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