Zombie Literature: “I Am Sam Ward”

One of our Twitter followers @iamsamward has a great piece of Zombie Literature over at IAmSamWard.com. It follows the story of a normal guy live-blogging the Zombie Apocalypse as it happens. It’s a good read so far and has been added to our Zombie Literature page. Below the fold is a sample…

No news from Melanie yet although Owen and Johan have had an interesting day or two. A couple of the infected had managed to breach their defences at Eastgate, and after talking to Owen, who saw two of them being killed with his own eyes, I reckon that brain thing must work. He said that a skinny woman, who probably managed to force her way through the barricades because of her size, ambushed another woman who was on her way to the bathroom. The ‘colony’ as they are calling themselves heard screams coming from the bathrooms and sent a rescue team – Owen included – to go and investigate. By the time they got there it was too late, and as Owen says, Skinny had eaten so much of the other woman’s face that they struggled to identify her. Skinny had dragged the woman into one of the stalls of the men’s bathroom and was… feeding… Armed with a few cricket bats, a butcher’s knife and one or two skewers sourced from one of the many restaurants, the five men attacked. Owen says that the cricket bats just made her more aggro, the butcher’s knife made some deep cuts but didn’t stop her trying to defend herself (and her kill), but a skewer through the skull stopped her immediately.

They had to dispose of her body over the roof, and Owen says that as soon as she smashed onto the ground, all the infected in the vicinity were upon her (in their slow, laboured manner). The next time that one of the infected made it inside, this time because “some fucking idiot” (Owen’s words) got tired of being cooped up and tried to do a runner and accidentally, or who knows, maybe on purpose, left the door open. This time they went straight for the skewer method and it worked again – the teenage boy who made it into the mall was dead within seconds. Owen told me how they had fastened skewers to broom and mop sticks to use as weapons, and then went straight for the head. I won’t go into all the graphic details, but they skewered him through the eye. It apparently made things a lot easier.

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