Zombie Apocalypse The Movie?

Got a new Twitter follower @ZAthemovie today. Looks like they are trying to put together a rather epic movie. Zombie Apocalypse the movie is being started just now and they are looking for all kinds of help.

Zombie Apocalypse is a film that follows a group of survivors through the apocalypse, hunting the undead and blowing their heads off while avoiding infection and helping others to survive! This will be a down and dirty survival of the fittest battle for life between men, women and the waves of undead corpses. You can help bring this project from “it’s enough to make a Sci Fi channel’esk size movie to enough to include all those kick ass action scenes, great practical special effects and blood gags, cool locations, avoid bad CG (what little we do use), have huge crowds of z’s and make a true theatrical release picture that is awesome.” In essence you are acting like producers and helping determine how big the apocalypse can be with this floating or flexible budget idea.

Here is their @ZAthemovie, here is their FaceBook and here is their website.

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