Moscow Police Find Cannibal Eating His Best Friend With Potatoes.

Moscow police walked in on Nikolai Shadrin as he was eating the liver of an acquaintance.

Police also found remains of the victim including legs, minus his feet, near Shadrin’s house on Tuesday. In the weeks prior, other body parts have surfaced around Moscow’s Dorogomilovo district. The 35-year-old confessed shortly after his arrest to dining on a friend, 40-year-old Ilya Yegorov, along with potatoes. Police also found a portion of the uneaten liver stew in the man’s refrigerator along with tools used to take apart the body.

He is now the subject of an intense investigation not just for the murder of his friend but for possible participation in similar crimes.

Shadrin told police that after murdering Yegorov he threw some of the body parts into the Moskva River. Forensic tests seem to confirm his story, as the murder has been established as occurring on May 2 and body parts of the deceased were found on May 4.

Describing his actions to police, Shadrin said: “Other parts of his body I hid around the neighborhood and some I threw into the river. I was storing my friend’s hand at my flat. I kept it in memory of him, but after it decayed I threw it away.” A Moscow police spokesman said the suspect was registered with authorities as psychologically unstable. Shadrin, who was a patient in a psychiatric hospital, had stayed in the same ward as Yegorov.

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