Apocalypse Fears Spur Bunker Sales.

In the coming Zombie Apocalypse finding a safe place for you and your family and Survival Team should be your top priority. Finding a Safehouse that is not only zombie proof but also human proof is not always an easy task. So what better way to survive the zombie apocalypse than to purchase or have built a fallout shelter capable of staying in for years at a time.

Danila Andreyev started building “panic rooms” three years ago, when fears of terrorist attacks and commercial disputes turning violent created demand in Russia. Now he’s selling “survival bunkers” for as much as $400,000 each to capitalize on angst over theories the world will end next year.

“I myself am not a believer in doomsday scenarios,” Andreyev, 31, whose Spetsgeoproekt company is completing 15 bunkers at hidden locations across Russia, said at his office in central Moscow. “But when you start hearing clients talking about the end of the world, it gets you thinking.”

While Russia has been a target for terrorists, with 37 people dying in a blast at Moscow’s busiest airport in January, more people are looking to protect themselves from what Andreyev calls a “global cataclysm” in 2012 based on predictions such as interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar.

Northwest Shelter Systems, a company based in Sandpoint, Idaho, that specializes in nuclear bomb shelters, has seen the number of inquiries from potential customers rise as much as 60 percent since the March tsunami and earthquake in Japan, Allen Thompson, vice president, said.

The Vivos Group, a California-based bunker builder with a website that features a meteor striking Earth, said requests for a shelter in one of its facilities jumped by 10 times since the disaster, which left about 25,000 people dead or missing.

Every person has a different belief or sense of what may be ahead for all of us,” Vicino said. “Vivos is not about 2012, but having a life assurance solution for our families for whenever disaster strikes.”

Vivos is building facilities in the U.S. and elsewhere. It said in January it was considering buying a two-story bunker constructed for the U.K. government in 1990 in rural Scotland.

The company’s bunkers range from 35 to 90 square meters (377 to 969 square feet). Maintaining the unit, including the air system, runs about $2,500 a year, he said.

3 comments on “Apocalypse Fears Spur Bunker Sales.

  1. Heck if I had the money and land I’d have one built! Those are awesome! Not so much the end of the world as our own Government and Nuclear threat from other countries.

    I’d stock that sucker up with years of food, ammo, guns, and booby traps.

  2. bunkers on earth dos’nt gurrentee it cuz now astroid bunkers are where it at now cuz normaly it’s people on earth that are the ones to blame for mostly for lifes end but if you remove yourself from the equation you can make it lot easyier live for youself and others on earth plus if i made blue prints for a bunker it outta be tens times better then this!

  3. if they want to live threw a chemical bombings of the country were nothing is left. go for it because they will need to be able to survive for 20 years under ground for a minimum.

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