Zombie Apocalypse Weapons: 4-in-1 Shovel, Sledge Hammer, Axe, Pick-Axe Combo!

In the Zombie Apocalypse having the right weapon could be the difference between you and your loved ones/survival teams life or death. Today we will be discussing the Pick-Axe. Here at Don’t Get Bit we want to make sure that all of your basics are covered when it comes to on-hand weaponry. A weapon needed to de-animate a brain sucking zombie must be able to either decapitate the head or destroy the brain it holds inside. It is a well known fact that destroying the brain of a zombie by puncturing it with a foreign object or by removing the head from the spine completely de-animates a zombie rendering it safe for disposal. In today’s “Zombie Apocalypse Weapon” discussion we will be looking at the Pick-Axe.

According to Wikipedia (the world-wide source for everything truthful in regards to facts) The pick-axe, sometimes simply known as a pick, is a hand tool with a hard head attached perpendicular to the handle. Some people make the distinction that a pickaxe has a head with a pointed end and a flat end, and a pick has both ends pointed, or only one end; but most people use the words to mean the same thing.

The head is usually made of metal, and the handle is most commonly wood, metal or fiberglass. The head is a spike ending in a sharp point, may curve slightly, and often has a counter-weight to improve ease of use. The stronger the spike, the more effectively the tool can pierce the surface. Rocking the embedded spike about and removing it can then break up the surface. The counterweight nowadays is nearly always a second spike, often with a flat end for prying.

A product you may want to consider is the 4-in-1 Shovel, Sledge Hammer, Axe, Pick-Axe combo from Hi-Lift called the  Jack Handle-All Multi-Function Tool  is four tools in one. The Handle-All can be configured into a shovel, sledge hammer, or pickaxe, or axe. The Handle-All differs from other multifunction tools in two primary ways: (1) the Handle-All features full-sized, interchangeable heads for full function; and (2) the Handle-All disassembles into a very compact space for easy storage and transport. The shovel is actually a real shovel with bowl and rake instead of some ridiculous attempt at a shovel attached perpendicularly to an axe head. The sledge hammer is a real 6 lb. sledge hammer. The pickaxe is actually a real pickaxe with a pointed end for punching through rocky soil and a chiseled end for chopping through rooted soil. The axe is actually a real axe with bit, concave cheeks, and poll. When full-sized implements are not required, only one of the two handle pieces may be fitted to reduce the size of the tools. The Handle-All is the only tool of its kind that combines real function with compactness. All of the pieces store inside the provided storage/transport bag. It is available for $142.95 at XtremeTerrain.com.

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