Zombie Apocalypse Survival: 19 Edible Plants

The Zombie Apocalypse has been going on for months and your survival supples have been dwindling. Your stomach growls and groans as your children are beginning to look more and more edible. It’s springtime and it’s green plants as far as you can see… time for some salad. But which plants can you eat? Some could kill you and some could save you. The guys over at AtOfManliness.com have a post up entitled Surviving in the Wild: 19 Common Edible Plants. Click the link to go on over and read the full article which includes pictures of each of the plants they talk about.

If you would like more information on edible plants we have several posts linking to the Army Survival Field Manual in both PDF and an app for your SmartPhone. An excerpt on Plants to Avoid from the article is below the fold.

Plants to Avoid

If you can’t clearly identify a plant and you don’t know if it’s poisonous, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Steer clear from a plant if it has:

  • Milky or discolored sap
  • Spines, fine hairs, or thorns
  • Beans, bulbs, or seeds inside pods
  • Bitter or soapy taste
  • Dill, carrot, parsnip, or parsley-like foliage
  • “Almond” scent in the woody parts and leaves
  • Grain heads with pink, purplish, or black spurs
  • Three-leaved growth pattern

Many toxic plants will exhibit one or more of the above characteristics. Bear in mind that some of the plants we suggest below have some of these attributes, yet they’re still edible. The characteristics listed are just guidelines for when you’re not confident about what you’re dealing with. If you want to be completely sure that an unknown plant is edible, and you have a day or two to spare, you can always perform the Universal Edibility Test.

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