Ultimate Zombie Survival Team: Brendan Fraser

As an ongoing topic here at Don’t Get Bit we have been assembling Ultimate Zombie Survival Teams. So far we’ve done Teams Alpha and Beta. Zombie Survival Teams who in the Zombie Apocalypse we feel would be most successful or in the case of Team Beta, incredibly unsuccessful. Inspired by this week’s podcast of “How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse” we have assembled… Ultimate Zombie Survival Team: Brendan Fraser. BF’s movie characters may be he greatest team of zombie survivors ever. That’s right… UZST:BF. Here’s why… In The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor he successfully fights the Undead, granted they are mummies… but they are still undead. In Bedazzled he takes on the Devil. In Journey to the Center of the Earth he goes… to the center of the Earth. In Blast from the Past he survives in a bomb shelter for 35 years and his dad is Christopher Walken. In George of the Jungle he can talk to animals which would come in so handy! In Encino Man he gets frozen in ice, thawed out and he has no trouble impressing all the girls and helping Stoney and Dave find the coolness they’ve been searching for.

So you tell me… Ultimate Zombie Survival Team: Brendan Fraser? Epic. Next week… Ultimate Zombie Survival Team: Wesley Snipes.

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