Zombies March Against Wisconsin Governor Walker

In Madison Wisconsin today there were shambling, drooling, groaning, brainless a-holes marching and screaming/whining about something or another… oh yeah and there were also some people dressed like zombies. Notice the “Zombie Rights” jerks in the front… My Kingdom for a SHOVEL! They were protesting Governor Walker. Video via WeazelZippers

Best Comment on the thread…
Democrat: We are in favor of Zombie Rights.
Random guy: ARE you INSANE? They just ate my children?!!!
Democrat: Sir, the time for your kind of prejudice is in the past.
Random Guy: I’m not prejudiced, they actually ate my children’s brains!
Democrat: Well that is their right, and you sir are a racist.

One comment on “Zombies March Against Wisconsin Governor Walker

  1. ..When you ask the average person in Amarillo what they think of when they hear the word zombie you get responses like undead or mindless and sometimes my good-for-nothing in-law so-and-so. …How about protest or free speech? …In July of 2006 a group seven people in Minneapolis dressed up as zombies to protest mindless consumerism. According to the goal of the protest was to illustrate a belief that people have replaced real human interaction with consumerism. …The zombies in Minneapolis carried sound equipment to amplify music as they walked. Police arrested the group claiming that the zombies were carrying equipment that simulated weapons of mass destruction. …At the police station it was revealed that the zombies had no forms of identification. They were held for two days in the local jail….Sound like an infringement of constitutional rights? The Eight U.S. District court. But dont look for this case to come lurching into the appeals court this fall…the city settled with the zombies and their attorney….So the police were wrong and the zombies were right. Right? Not entirely. While we do have a right to protest dressed as zombies we still have to respect the law. Heres some simple rules to follow .

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