Survive The Apocalypse on $20

Over at The Best Article Every Day they have an article on how to Survive the Apocalypse on just $20 and the stuff in your apartment. It’s a good read but I think the $20 part is B.S. but I’ll let you decide. Head on over for a good read. I’m going to do some math and see if the $ part adds up. I’ll update below the quote that is the best advice I’ve seen in a long time…

This one is surprisingly easy. Put a single two liter bottle of water in your backpack—that’s it. Here’s a secret: every single house and apartment in SF comes with a built in 30-gallon supply of water, earthquake proofed. It’s called your hot water heater, and each has a little tap to get at that clean, filtered H20 right on the bottom. Each is also required to be anchored to the wall, so it’s unlikely to be damaged in a quake.

UPDATE: The key line in the article is that once you go through the stuff on their list you already have, the rest should total around $20 including the $3 Goodwill backpack.

Go through item by item, and put all this stuff in a pile. Then, put it in a backpack. Turns out, you already have almost everything you need squirreled away somewhere. For about $20, you’ll be able to get all the key items that you don’t already have.

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