Red Zombies: September 23rd, 1941

On a recent Google search for the word “Zombies” I stumbled across this newspaper article from Sept. 23rd, 1941 in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Click the screenshot to read the whole article. From my research this is one of the first references in POP culture to humans having been killed and brought back from the dead in the classical zombie sense in a real world scenario. Now what makes this one interesting is that we’ve all heard of Nazi Zombies but this one refers to Commie Zombies! Question: What could be more frightening than 3 Russian Armies comprised of the walking dead? Answer: Not much.

Moscow, Sept. 23 – Three Russian armies, which the Germans claimed to have wiped out, were reported today to have inflicted 50,000 casualties on the Nazis in the Lake Ilmen area and to be pounding into the rear of the German Besiegers of Leningrad.

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