Ultimate Zombie Survival Team Alpha

It’s Ultimate Zombie Survival Team time. Where each of you can pick the team you want when the Zombie Apocalypse finally comes. They can be alive or dead, characters in a book or movie… the possibilities are endless. For my first draft of my team I’ve chosen. Leave your Ultimate Survival Team list in the comments and f you have someone better than mine, I’ll add or exchange… But she’s going to have to be pretty hot to change out Miranda Kerr. Welcome Ultimate Zombie Survival Team Alpha… Bear Grylls, Chuck Liddell, Gunny Lee Ermey, Mike Rowe, Andrew Zimmern and Miranda Kerr!

4 comments on “Ultimate Zombie Survival Team Alpha

  1. Ash Williams (Evil Dead – Bruce Campbell)
    Selene (Underworld – Kate Beckinsale)
    Anna Valerious (Van Helsing – Kate Beckinsale *can I have her twice as 2 different characters?*)
    Alice (Resident Evil – Milla Jovovich)

    What can I say, I like badass bitches! Hell, I’ll stay in camp and do the damn dishes!

  2. Captain Nemo (20,000 Leagues Under The Sea)
    Rodney Skinner (The Second Invisible Man)
    Yoda (Star Wars)
    The T-X (Terminator 3)
    Wraith (Socom Fireteam Bravo 2)

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