Weapon Pron… The Backup Bedside Gun Rack!

Ok.. this is such a great idea. Let’s say that the Zombie Apocalypse comes in the middle of the night. You’re sleeping as snug as a tick on a hound-dog’s ass. Zombies break into your room and are coming for you and your sexy but slightly crazy zombie survivalist girlfriend. What do you do?

Take the gun out of your closet, unlock the trigger lock, load it? That will take waaaaaay too long. You’ll be your girlfriend’s zombie snack before you get one shot off. Well worry no-more. I present to you… The Backup Bedside Gun Rack!

$39.95 + S/H Here’s the product’s website or call 1-866-813-BACK.

H/T to Ace… Yes… I’m a long time Moron.

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