Zombie Warning Signs in Hampton VA

It seems that some like-minded Survivors are testing the early Zombie Warning System in Hampton Virginia. Road signs were changed to warn of the undead for the third time 3 days. I think who ever doing it is on out side but some think that it’s a viral marketing campaign for Call of Duty. Bullshit. I bet it’s one of us making sure that we will survive. It’s thinngs like this that should make everyone open their eyes, look around and find a way to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. If you each found one way to warn, help or prepare the public for the ZA that is hands free, low cost and easy to do maybe more of us can be saved. Apparently the city has tried everything to keep out the hacker from changing the road signs but nothing is working. I say keep it up and GOOD HUNTING!

Hampton Roads Sanitation District said a contractor rented the signs. They are password protected and after the first sign change, the contractor added locks.

It appears the vandals broke that lock, then cracked the password and changed the message, according to Hampton Roads Sanitation Department spokeswoman Nancy Munnikhysen.

It was a similar diagnosis in Austin. As locking the signs, changing passwords, and otherwise hack-proof measures appear to have failed, there apparently is no antidote to the zombie road sign virus.

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