Headshots… Not as easy as you think.

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, and it will, will you be a Survivor or a snack? That may all depend on whether or not you can get the Head-shots when you have to. “But Jason… When I play Left 4 Dead I always get the head-shot!”. Well it turns out it’s not as easy as you think. Rooster Teeth’s great Immersion Video series takes us into the real world head-shot situation and puts the whole thing to the test. Plus they prove my theory, handguns can suck it… my Mossberg 500 will spill more zombie brain matter.

All of us here at “Don’t Get Bit” practice firearm safety and proficiency every weekend and we all carry a firearm on a daily basis. Practice makes perfect so get your butt to the range, put some lead down-range and practice… practice… practice. If you don’t know about the firearm regulations in your area here’s a great link to the NRA website breaking it down state to state.

H/T to Kotaku

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