Zombie Survival Tips

The gritty boys and girls over at Zombie-Forum.com have some really great info and tips on how you can survive the zombie apocalypse. The forum is informative and just full of useful little tidbits that if you read… just might save your life! Here’s some of their list of Zombie Survival Tips that is quite good. Take a look at a few and if you want more head-on-over and be sure to tell them you saw their banner on Don’t… Get… Bit!

•    Always think one step ahead
•    Destroy the brain
•    Be ready to move
•    Use your instincts
•    Don’t panic
•    Find a safe house and secure it
•    Gather supplies
•    Steer clear of high population areas
•    The buddy system
•    Check Survivors
•    Pretending to be a zombie only leaves you as an easy meal
•    No place is safe
•    Bite the Bullet
•    Renewable Resources
•    Think, then act
•    Keep in shape
•    You can never be too prepared

2 comments on “Zombie Survival Tips

  1. Glad you enjoyed the site, but would you mind removing the copy/paste. This can cause a duplicate content penalty with google and cause the site to lose our current #1 ranking for the search of “Zombie Survival Tips”.

    Thanks, and we look forward to seeing more from your blog here. It is very well written and overall a very good read 🙂

    • Done! Just so you know I have both Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files that prevent Spiders from reading “below the fold” and causing that to happen. I hope the banner and links help keep you up there at the top! Good hunting!

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