This is how it starts: Son ‘fled through Ulster with corpse’.

A man in Northern Ireland went and picked up his mother’s corpse from Malta. He brought the body to his rental house and had her in the bed when his landlord came calling. The landlord called the Gardai (the police force of the Republic of Ireland) to report the man. When the cops showed… him and the body had vanished. He’s gone unseen since the landlord saw him and they have no leads as to where he and the corpse may be. This is how it starts… In the movie version of this story the mother re-animates in the bedroom and attacks the son turning him into a zombie, he bites the landlord, the landlord bites his wife… the ZA then ensues. If I were the Gardai I’d go look for at least 2 shambling zombies around the local pubs.

Dateline Northern Ireland

The body of an elderly woman that was taken from a plane in Gatwick Airport and unofficially driven to Co Kerry by her son for burial is thought to be back in the UK. Gardai believe the woman’s body may have been driven to the UK via Northern Ireland by her son after he was warned by a coroner that if he did not bury the body it would be confiscated and put in cold storage at his expense. The matter came to light when Kerry Coroner Terence Casey was contacted by the Gardai after the landlord of a rented house in Kenmare reported there was a dead body lying in repose there.

When Gardai called to the house a number of days later to see if the man had complied with the coroner’s request there was no trace of the body or him. “There had not been hair or trace or him ever since and we don’t know what he did with the body,” Mr Casey said. He added that his concern was that the body would have begun to decompose, even though it had been embalmed, and would pose a threat to public health. The woman had died in Malta in September and her body was repatriated to the UK. Mr Casey said her body had been collected at Gatwick Airport by her son, who then drove it to Ireland in his car without contacting the authorities.

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