Survival Straps

This is one of the best survival gear products we’ve featured here on Don’t Get Bit. Survival Straps! These are bracelets, watch straps, belts, gun slings and many other items even dog collars made from paracord and in an emergency situation they can be unraveled and used as rope! Genius! Possibly to garrote a zombie and lop it’s gnarly head right off! Plus if you use it in an emergency situation and send them a letter telling your story they will send you a new one… FREE! More below the fold!


SurvivalStraps are built with enough paracord that in an emergency situation you can actually unravel them and deploy the paracord for use.  Several of our customers have used their paracord Survival Bracelets to help themselves and others in some extreme situations.  One of our customers used the paracord from his survival bracelet to help save a young girl from drowning.  Another customer used the paracord from his bracelet to fix a buckle that blew out on his body armor while he was serving our country in Iraq.  The bottom line is that having several feet of paracord with you at all times can be a really good thing!

Here is the link to Survival Strap’s website or you can click the image above. I’ve ordered a bracelet for each member of the team and a dog collar for Barron Von Asschewer.

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