Weapons 101: The Flanged War Mace… Oh Yeah!

All of us at Don’t Get Bit have one weapon we love above all others, even the Sacred Shovel. It’s the Flanged War Mace. In the Zombie Apocalypse this one weapon will rise above all others in removing brains from zombie’s bodies. Hard, heavy objects have always been the right thing for mashing your opponent’s brain box into bloody mess. But the Mace… Well… It’s head and shoulders above the rest.

The standard mace with it’s ball and short spikes was developed as a way to crush bone, muscle, teeth, cartilage, fingernails, veins, arteries, organs, kittens, zombies and anything else that it came into direct contact with.

The flanged mace could do the same thing, except that it could actually penetrate armor, causing even more horrific wounds by puncturing the human body as well as crushing it, giving the victim a serious “flesh wound”.

Our favorite flanged mace is from late 1400’s and early 1500’s. It’s interesting to note that while Europeans were transforming themselves into perfectly educated and noble Renaissance folk, embracing Christianity and discovering science they were still making brain-mashers like these.

The mace all of us carry is made from an extremely high quality high carbon steel. The bottom half of the handle is wrapped with a high-grade and stain resistant black leather, which provides a fantastic grip and a comfortable hold when zombie brains are flying. A hole is drilled through the base of the handle for insertion of a wrist strap to keep from losing it in a 1000 zombie deep horde.

Our mace has four flanges, typical of Italian and Germanic maces of the time period. The flanges are the blades that run along the head of the weapon. The flanges concentrated the force of the blow on a smaller area, giving it more power. It would have been originally used from horseback or on foot, with the former having a longer handle. The weapon is forward-weighted for better leverage when swinging and about as satisfying an object to swing as you can find.

Training with this weapon is a must. Even the best trained Zombie De-Animator can become quickly winded when repeatedly swinging this weapon if you do not let the weapon do the work and let it do the damage it was made to do. Trying to hard to put all of your power into it will exhaust you quickly. It’s quite heavy at the business end and besides, it takes very little force to separate the brain of a zombie from it’s worthless body.

So do yourself a favor and either order yourself a flanged mace or man-up and make one today and start training! We can swing our maces with precise de-animating contact and brain splattering force 75 times without resting… And we’re dual wielding. What can you do?

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