Podcast Review: On The Edge of Darkness

On The Edge of Darkness by Chris Martens
How well could a group of men confront the every growing threat, ever spreading infection, of the Zombie infestation?

Pretty damn well if you ask us here at Don’t Get Bit! Season 1 is complete and you can get it from ITunes here. The story so far is that a former bodyguard working on-board the ship of a rich family is suddenly thrown into the world of zombies when the family he’s hired to protect suddenly turns into said zombies.
With some combat skills and some basic zombie knowledge acquired from watching zombie movies he survives and is rescued. He’s quietly approached by a mercenary group contracted to help stop random zombie infestations and accepts their offer to become part of their team. He trains with them as a “Greenhorn” and once his training is completed… the group is immediately put into action.

This is a great podcast. The voice talent is dynamic, the story is interesting and the quality of the audio is perfect. The story is interesting because the author has the world as a whole being spared from the actual knowledge of the existence of zombies as anything other than sci-fi. The combat situations are well choreographed and the zombies are once again, our favorite, slow and stupid, with the exception if a few random zombies that are more zombie facilitators than actual zombies.

We’re giving On The Edge of Darkness 4/5 Stars! Please visit Chris Martens at his website here and tell him you saw him at… Don’t… Get… Bit!

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