Pocast Review: “Cheating Death” by Teel McClanahan III

A semi-truck full of zombies being transported cross country are headed for an in depth zombie survival school in the Rocky Mountains when it jack-knifes in the middle of rush hour traffic on a Denver Colorado freeway. Zombies spill all over the blacktop and begin doing what they do best, they start eating humans.

An adulterous, spineless, indecisive leech is sitting on that fateful freeway with his mistress trying hopelessly to decide whether or not to break up with her and stay with his wife. He sees the beginning of what could be the end of humanity. What follows is his story. A story of survival or a story of the last day of his life?

This podiobook, available for free from I-Tunes is one of our favorites. It’s an interesting take on the first 24 hours in the zombie apocalypse as it follows a man, his wife, their 2 children and his mistress in their attempted escape from the flesh eating zombies that are very quickly taking over Denver.

Cheating Death is a well written drama although the author Teel McClanahan III has an… interesting… audio delivery. The story is gruesome and heartbreaking at times and is pretty accurate as to the outcome of most people should the Zombie Apocalypse happen. The zombies are our favorite, slow and shambling and are taken out by destroying their brains.

Cheating Death is the fourth glimpse of the storybook universe first seen in Lost and Not Found, and gives a detailed look at the zombie outbreak that put the events of Forget What You Can’t Remember in motion. Check them out on I-Tunes or purchase the books at Teel McClanahan III’s website or at Amazon.

All of us here at Don’t Get Bit give Cheating Death… 4 Stars.

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