Graphic Novel Review

The Walking Dead: Days Gone By Volume 1

Ok… I know. I’m way behind the times on this one, but I’m getting back on the Graphic Novel train starting today. So that’s got to make up for something! I walked into Samurai Comics in Glendale Arizona this afternoon, went to the desk and asked the handsome comic-clerk for some help. I wanted a good Zombie comic to review and he pointed me, with no hesitation to, The Walking Dead: Days Gone By Volume 1. Which as we’ve mentioned here that AMC is doing the TV version starting Oct. 31st. Now that the bills are paid, here’s the review of Volume 1…

During a shootout on a desolate country road Officer Rick Grimes is shot by an escaped convict. He wakes up in a deserted hospital alone and confused. The hospital seems to be abandoned and Rick, upon opening a barred door, finds out why. Zombies… Zombies are everywhere. After a quick escape he sets out towards his home and finds the small town he loves is destroyed. Dead and somewhat dead bodies lay everywhere.

Upon returning home to look for his wife and son, he find his house empty and ransacked. His loved ones are nowhere to be found. Stepping outside his front door he’s met with a shovel to the back of the head.

His attackers mistook him for the walking dead but get him up on his feet and explain to him what happened. He decides to go to Atlanta to find his family and after a quick stop at the Cop Shop for some guns and ammo… He does just that.

Atlanta is destroyed and overrun with zombies. He assumes his family dead. But upon finding a group of survivors he is shocked to find not only his wife and son alive and well but his best friend and cop partner is too.

Chapter 1 ends with the group trying to survive, trying to come up with a plan and fighting off zombies. Some are lost to the horde and some are lost to envy, greed and lust. But in the end they do what survivors do… Survive.

This so far a great read. The pen and ink work as well as the shading on the art side is dynamic and through. The story is engaging and the characters are interesting and hopefully some, if not all will be with us for volumes to come. The Zombies are slow and shambling, our favorite kind here at Don’t Get Bit, and as always are put down with a brain destroying blow to the head.

We’re all looking forward to picking up Volume 2: Miles Behind Us in the next few days and many more volumes in the weeks leading up to the Premier on AMC of The Walking Dead on Oct. 31st!

The Survival Team Gives The Walking Dead: Days Gone By Volume 1…

4/5 Stars : Points lost for… Rick going to a major city, the odds of him finding his family and friend are slim to none, the survivors not having a zombie-proof safehouse.

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