How To Make A “Haitian” Zombie

In his new book “Real Zombies, the Living Dead and Creatures of the Apocalypse” author Brad Steiger explores Haitian Voodoo and the origins of many zombie myths.

So instilled are these beliefs in zombies, or “Nzambi” as Haitians refer to them, that it’s illegal in the country to raise people from the dead! But here’s the secret formula that he says can RAISE THE DEAD SO LAWS BE DAMNED… WE WANT THE ZA!

  1. A chemical that is part puffer-poison (tetrodotoxin), part toxic marine toad (Bufo marinus), and part toxic-toad (Osteopilus dominicensis) is mixed.
  2. The resulting dried-out powder is then applied somehow to the skin. Davis theorized that the irritation properties of the chemical breaks in the victim’s skin, allowing the puffer fish poison to easily pass through.
  3. The victim becomes paralyzed, heart rate slows, and an appearance of death settles over. Victim is then buried.
  4. The priestess returns, digs up the victim, and applies a paste consisting of “zombie cucumber” or jimsonweed  which causes the “zombie” to fever, develop amnesia and hallucinate.
  5. Through the power of suggestion and the paste effects, the victim believes that a transformation has taken place and that they really are a zombie; meant to serve the priest or priestess.

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