Zombie Apocalypse Armor

The team and I just picked up our Zombie Apocalypse Armor. It’s called the FX1:FlexForce™ and is available from www.damascusgear.com. The entire suit which includes Upper Body and Shoulder Protection, Forearm Protectors, Thigh and Groin Protectors, Knee and Shin Guards, and a Gear Bag to carry it all in. Will run you $612. Click the picture for a full-size picture or click the link to the website for more pics and details. The website’s description of the product is this:

The #FX-1 FlexForce™ Modular Hard Shell Crowd Control System is the ultimate high-threat level riot control, domestic disturbance, and cell extraction suit. The FlexForce™ design provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma without sacrificing the fit or comfort. The suit is lightweight and ranks highest in easy to put on or take off in a moments notice. The front and back hard shell panels have a modular flex design allowing for all shapes and sizes to fit comfortably with out sacrificing much needed mobility. The forearm guard offers a much more comfortable elbow portion of the pad, which allows more flexibility. The knee/shin guard has a non-slip surface, which keeps you planted in position. The FX-1 is a considerably improved fitting system compared to competitor models and is worn by forces worldwide.

4 comments on “Zombie Apocalypse Armor

    • hazmat is good for going through heavily nfected areas only. hazmat suits are typically heavy and cumbersome and youll find yourself wrestling with them the whole way. bring a gasmask if necessary

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